Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY: Free Floating Fishtail Skirt

As witnessed throughout SS12 lines, the fishtail skirt isn't just taking off in the wind, but on the runways too. A super trendy, addictive style, I had to stop myself from taking scissors to all my maxiskirts!Learn here how I went from before to after.

What to get
- a thrifted skirt with an eye-catching print
- thin sharpie (or really any marking item)
- scissors
- needle and thread
- iron

What to do

1.       Put on the thrifted skirt and mark where you want the front and shortest portion of the skirt to fall.

2.       Remove the skirt and fold it in half exactly down the middle of the front. As if you were folding it at the invisible line that seperates your legs.

3.       Lay the skirt  on a flat surface. Using the guideline marks you created in step 2, begin at this mark with your scissors cutting a straight line for 30 cm in length. Then as your scissors near the outer ends of the skirt, begin a dramatic taper. In other words, use your scissors to make a dive towards the back and the bottom.

4.      As a point of reference, put the skirt on again and see how it looks. If you don’t find it to your liking, repeat step 3 by slowly but surely removing slivers of inches off the skirt. It’s better to take away too little than too much.

5.       Once desired length is achieved, fold over the cut edges and iron flat then take a needle and thread to the fold over and hem the ends.
All done! A mix of the carefree feel of a mini skirt and dramatic sweep of a maxi skirt, fishtails look especially nice floating on a breeze when you walk. The perfect addition to a spring wardrobe!