Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TREND REPORT: The Night Porter

It is clear that the evolution of rapture is a dominant feature on the runway this season. With sheer overlays, lace inserts, latex, and leather bondages, designers have ignited the end of innocence. While this fetish trend may have been inspired by The Night Porter, it is important not to take it to the literal extreme and, instead, to sport more subtle versions that still resemble the sultry nature. Despite their first impression, you do not have to be a fashion risk taker to incorporate some of these pieces into your every day style. Easy sheer or lace blouses in black allow you to embrace the trend without pushing your comfort zone. Those of us unable to fully commit to the dark side have accessories like handcuff bangles, metal chokers, chain necklaces, cuffs, and studded leather to set the tough luxe vibe.

Though this trend is deeming with sex appeal, it is unlikely that our current obsession with all things dominatrix inspired will last us through the seasons. But don't we all enjoy following the trends? Instead of wearing the same basics from season to season, we are constantly being relieved to experiment with the changing viewpoints in fashion. Those willing to explore something new should take grasp of this spin on the seductive. As an admirer myself, I have committed to trying the trend without crossing the line into racy depths. Although I do enjoy the luxury that leather brings to an outfit, I have decided to stick to a more feminine side by focusing on sheer pieces that are delicate yet provoking. Currently, I am unable to leave the house without some shape or form of statement jewelry, so the trend's metal cuffs and chokers have definitely found their place in my collection.

In an effort to bring together my ongoing love of menswear and this new sordid furor, I have paired an oversized sheer pocket blouse in nude with black sheer trousers and solid black shorts underneath. While transparent, these garments uphold standards of taste without channeling a lady of the night. For accessories, I have chosen a metal plate necklace and a solid metal cuff to reference the S&M inspired jewelry seen on the runway at Michael Kors (F/W). For others willing to try, my advice is to keep it simple by sticking to a mix of fetish with staple pieces, and by shying away from a full on latex ensemble (chains and whips included). Let this trend take hold of you, and you are sure not to be disappointed. I mean, who doesn't want to look like a strong, sexy woman?
-Samantha McClendon