Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review: E.L.F. Shine Sheets

Face the facts, fellow fashionistas:
Though we all like that dewy glow, when your forehead starts to resemble a cue ball inbetween classes you cross into the realm of Not Cute. However, there is a quick, discreet way to zap it. Introducing E.L.F.'s Essential Shine Eraser sheets. These sheets are pocket sized and perfect for stashing in pencil cases or side pockets. Comparable to similar products by Sephora, Biore, and Too-Faced, that also re-mattify, reduce the appearance of pores, and won't smudge your make-up, these sheets list two unique qualities on their brag sheets. For one thing, these little guys include green tea extract in their ingredients list, which is known to help protect against sun damage and promote elasticity in the skin. For another, for a pack of fifty sheets and a fresh face, you pay only a dollar.
Though I would like to see E.L.F catch up to Sephora and start working on blotters with Vitamins or other Extracts/Oils infused, this is an undeniable steal.
Available at: Target, CVS, eyeslipsface.com