Tuesday, October 11, 2011

POPCORN: September 20

Here are your very fabulous Popcorn winners for the week of September 20! Sorry for the late arrival of this post, not to mention the shabby quality of the pictures. The use of iPhones does not do justice to the beautiful people below! However, have no fear. Social Media will be more than prepared for Popcorn next meeting, this time with a proper camera. So, as always, come in your best get up. Enjoy!

Our lovely Vice President Angeli works the chiffon maxi skirt

Natalie strikes a hip pose that matches her hip ensemble

Samantha POPS in her Marc Jacobs blazer

Mercedes keeps it classic with a bow-tie neckline

Last but certainly not least , there's Johnathan.
Nothing says popcorn like B&W stripes and loafers!

See you all next time!