Sunday, October 23, 2011

EDITORIAL FEATURE : Mechanical Dolls

Oct. 2011 - Leave it to Vogue Italia to capture fall's trends in a
concept that references the eerie nature of living doll figures,
yet still manages to display the beauty of the garments. While
editorials in Vogue Italia are never shy to the dramatic, this
spread brought about a different vibe that is concurrent with
our ongoing obsession with the ugly-pretty medium of fashion.
Because of its dark undertones, 'Mechanical Dolls' highlights
one of the fall collections' prevailing trends, giving tribute to
the designers who committed to presenting something that is
unconventionally beautiful and daring. With Halloween right
around the corner, it is no wonder that we are intrigued with
disturbing images of models in our favorite designs, but one
is to be warned not to try this look as their own costume. (can
you say, Bride of Chucky perhaps?) -Samantha McClendon