Thursday, October 20, 2011

Look for Less: Suspending Office

Brand names a fine and dandy, but lets be honest. They really aren't all that necessary and they are far beyond the average student's budget. You as a person are not meant to show off the clothing; the clothing is suppose to show off you. With that in mind, I like classic and simple, sometimes with a twist. And here is an outfit I absolutely adore.

Wear: Dolce and Gabbana trouser suit, Jimmy Choo heels, Jack Vartanian jewelry

With finding a look, it's best to check out your own closet for similar things before spending the moola meant for food. I found the vest and pant set easily in the bowels of my wardrobe, but for those of you who don't have something similar, try checking out thrift stores (i.e. Buffalo Exchange, Splendor Boutique, or Room Service Boutique off of 53rd) for some dressy pants and a vest. Don't worry if they don't perfectly match, 'cause that gives you a chance to be creative. Another spot notorious for vest within our price range is Forever 21, which is where I found these:

$27.80 Forever 21
Mixed Media Vest

$19.80 Forever 21
Leatherette Halter Vest
Don't worry about showin’ a little skin, but if you are uncomfortable, throw on a dark camie beneath. If you wanna be adventurous with the color, pick red or lacy to spice it up.

($7.99. Hot Topic)
I know Highland Mall has an accessory boutique that sells some suspenders for cheaps while Good Will has, if you are willing to go Indiana Jones-ing through all the racks, a lot of hidden treasures. And, of course, Hot Topic also has those jazzy red suspenders for you, too.

Any dark shoe would work with this look, doesn't matter thestyle and dash in a bit of light bling to set off the accents you want. Again,roll with the thrift stores, but your cheaper brand names can give you ahelping hand. Macy's and Forever can have some nice jewels. Or Claire's. Claire's is cheap, okay!

The idea with this ensemble is to keep it simple. Nothing too brilliant because it's a cool, calm, sophisticated inspiration I want. Thus, I'm sticking with only a flashy bracelet of silver or black like this $12.50 one from Claire's. Here's also when you can be creative with what you have in your own jewelry boxes and drawers. And don't feel limited. If you do wanna have some swinging shine, add a necklace, maybe something to your hair, possibly a favorite ring.
Audrey Brooke Jeweled Pump $39. 94 found at DSW. Like I mentioned, though, shoes are up to you. I think some sparkle would bring the silver and red around to really tie it all together with just the right amount of shine. Classy pumps, even paten leather would also look wonderful with the ensemble.

There it is, folks. Your elegant, fun take on the office chic look, ready for a bar, cocktail party, or around town. Show it off and strut your stuff.
-Happy Hunting,