Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Look for Less...Rebecca Minkoff

Being a poor college student has about zero perks when drooling over the newest runway looks (or if you're me, just about any designer above the price range of $20-and that's when I'm feeling adventurous.) So I am here in an attempt to adapt this fab look by using items I already own. Here are a few simple steps so you can achieve this as well:
Step 1: Admire outfit, catch drool with Kleenex
Step 2: Viciously run to(small/nonexistent) closet and rummage for clothes with same aesthetics/feel to them.
Step 3: Try on all pieces until satisfied.
Now when I attempted the three said steps above, I looked for neutral color dresses, and structured jackets. I went for inspiration, not exact copying, resulting in two very different looks. Hopefully you approve:

Look One: The Working Woman- No Boxy Suit Necessary
In this look I used a rose pink dress with the same cross body layering with a skinny brown belt at the waist (though in efforts of being remotely photogenic I seemed to have covered up both the belt and the pearl/gold flower necklace..oops!)I paired the dress with a navy blazer and brown oxfords. This look is definitely softer, but easily transferable with an above the knee, fun dress, and big statement necklace.

Dress: New York and Company, on sale $15
Blazer: New York and Company, on sale $30
Oxfords: MIA from Nordstrom Rack, $40
Necklace: Forever 21 $6
Unfortunately white legs in need of the sun and lotion--free.

On to look two...
The Make the Janitors in the Hall Judge You Look:
For this version I used a fabulously feminine white lace dress (aka my graduation dress) and paired it with a super structured vintage blazer with overly large shoulder pads. To harness that edgier feel found in the original look, I paired the sophisticated feminine look with intense above the ankle leather booties. Continuing my favorite trend-contradiction- I added three pearl bracelets and studs from prom.

Dress: Urban Outfitters, on sale $40
Blazer: Feathers Boutique, on sale, $18
Booties: Sam Edelman, Nordstrom Rack, $60 (a Christmas gift one year, so they are above my general price point)
Jewelry: Francescas, $20

<---I did a take 2.5 adding my (don't tell anyone-faux) leather jacket.

Sweet zipper detail makes this darling dress have an unexpected edge. -->
The dress alone is super transferrable from day to evening. It is a chameleon of sorts, having a girly, sophisticated look when paired with red lipstick or a rockin look when paired with intense eyes for night. 

In terms of beauty, for this post I went much softer and did a, dare I say it --*gulp*-- natural look, with neutral eyes and face, letting the clothing lead the look. I paired each look, in order to up the level,with what is more fabulous than- Carrie Bradshaw hair. Yes, it's my natural mane, big, curly, and just "nest-like" enough. Have a sparkling day! -Elizabeth