Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to... Be a Stylish Student

...aka how to dress for class. Let's be honest, being a college student is hard. Like, really hard. Especially when you have morning classes and three tests in one week and no time to do laundry and then Modern Family is on but you don't have time to watch it because you have a debate to prepare for that doesn't even affect your grade anyway so you proceed to work through your I-can't-watch-Modern-Family tears... not that I've ever experienced this before or anything. Even though it may seem overwhelming at times, dressing awesomely for class is totally not that hard, I promise. All it takes is a few cheap (we may be fabulous, but we're still broke), easy, comfy (a must), go-to items to throw on in times of stress/morning grogginess/whatever you want to call it.


Denim shorts: Oh, hey cutoffs, what's up, let's be friends. Because I love you. Because cutoffs/denim shorts are the greatest things ever. I know, I know, they have a bad rep (stupid good for nothing crazy '80s outfits), but denim shorts can be oh-so-rad, really. Totally casual with a cute tee thrown on top (like this seriously desirable top from Nasty Gal Vintage), or funky and edgy with some bangin' polka-dot tights. And the best part is, this outfit takes about 9.8 seconds to put on. E-a-s-y.

(Warning: sorry, male readers, just this next part is for girls only. Unless you like to wear dresses, which I dig.) Denim shorts are one easy option. To be totally honest, however, some days I'm just not feeling the whole "pants" thing, you know? I mean, I still want to be comfortable (I do have a morning class and three upcoming tests, and this is a how-to-dress-for-class post, after all), but sometimes, it's like, pants, no thank you. And that's why... drumroll, please... dresses were invented! Yes, dresses. I don't know when this nasty, nasty rumor that you just cannot wear dresses to class began, but here's the thing: YOU CAN. I mean, a dress is just like a single piece of clothing that requires absolutely nothing else. You literally just put it on. And then you're done. And you look really good and still perfectly casual. It just sounds too good to be true. Just like this Forever21 shift. Easy, breezy... beautiful? Sure.

Next option: flats. Shoes are a key outfit element, and when you've got about 3.5 minutes to get dressed since your alarm clock didn't go off even though you checked it twice before you went to bed and then you don't have any breakfast food in your pantry because you forgot to go to the grocery store so you have to go out of your way to grab breakfast on the way your 8 am (not like I've ever done this before, either)... lace-ups and buckles are not an option. And, on a side note, neither are heels, because that's just crazy talk, and comfort is really key here. Comfy, easy-to-throw-on, but still totally fashionable flats it is! Like these drool-worthy Gap suede ballet flats that you can seriously wear with anything. See, totally do-able! And they're on sale!

So, even though you may be insanely stressed out at school, you can at least look good doing it, and it's kind of easy, too. Because running shorts and a t-shirt are not an option.