Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Look for Less...Alice+Olivia

Hi everyone, my name is Amy and I like clothes- perhaps a little too much for my own good. A large portion of my time is spent drooling and sometimes even crying over the new designer collections every spring and fall. However being a broke college student has given be ample opportunity to test my ability to be creative with what little money I do have and still be stylish and current. So here's the deal, my mission: Recreate a look from the Spring 2011 Alice+Olivia collection, and my goal: Don't use up all of the "food" money that my parents gave me to do it.

Look: All-white crisp dress, gold accessories, and a black straw hat
Price: More than the cost of your textbooks (at the least)

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Here's my take, as well as me channeling my inner Rumi Neely from Fashiontoast:
I decided that the dress could be broken up into pieces so I could reuse the clothes in different outfits. I found the white shorts at Arden B for $39, the top at Old Navy for $22, the hat at Urban Outfitters for $29, and the bangle at Forever 21 for $4. I decided to go on a variation for the shoes and bought white and pink gladiator sandals at Urban Outfitters instead and I borrowed the gold chain necklace from my sister.
**Confession: I added the chambray button-up shirt purely out of necessity during my pseudo-photoshoot because the weather, especially for Spring Break, was ridiculously cold and windy. I thought it looked cool so we decided to keep snapping anyway. Happy accident!

As for my experience trying to find this look, I came across some obstacles along the way that allowed me to make a list of tips for bargain shopping.
Number 1: Some people judge a book by its cover, I judge a store by its window display. Make sure to try looking everywhere, you never know what you'll find!
Number 2: I tried looking for a lace white tank top everywhere and could not find one for the life of me, so I went for a lot of variations. Keep an open-mind and understand that the look isn't for you to mimic but a form of inspiration.
Number 3: I wore boots when I was shopping and had a devil of a time taking it on and off every time I went in the fitting room. You'll be trying stuff on so wear comfortable and simple clothes.

Hope this helped! Happy bargain shopping, fashionistas!

- Amy