Friday, March 11, 2011

How To Dress For The Beach

When you hear the words “spring break,” what pops into your head? After this past week, it might be sleep. But once you move past thoughts of that overworked coma you’d love to fall into, images of balmy beaches, snow-capped mountains and road trips might begin to surface. Well, at the current moment the beach is on my mind, and more specifically what to pack for a week at the beach. So I came up with a guide to day and night wear for a trip to the coast.

Day Outings
The weather is getting warm and spring is definitely upon us. So what better time to implement some Spring 2011 runway trends! This season, colors are big, bold and statement-making. And a trip to the beach definitely calls for some vivid shades and vibrant mixing. So let’s start with a romper. They’re casual, easy to throw on by themselves or over a swimsuit and come in so many varieties. I picked out this one for the awesome color. Oh, and the fact that it’s only $9.90 at Forever 21 this week as their “deal of the week” is also pretty awesome. Pair it with a fun necklace like this one from Francesca’s and a floppy hat from Urban Outfitters and you’re good to go on the accessories front. Big floppy hats not only look incredibly cute and appropriate for the beach, but are practical for keeping the beating sun off your face and out of your eyes. Blinding sunlight is never a good thing. For a daytime outfit, throw on a pair of strappy sandals like these from Topshop or one of the hundreds of other versions that have been around for awhile now.

Night Outings

To continue with the romper theme, meet the romper’s older sister, the jumpsuit. Now you might initially think you would never consider this piece and that it’s best left in Foxxy Cleopatra’s closet, but give it a chance. A loose, draping black one like this one (also from Forever 21) is sleek, different and actually very flattering. The poufy shape of the top compliments the hanging, straight silhouette that falls from the waist and results in a look that can make even the shortest girl look like she has endless legs. I speak from experience, though it may be hard to believe considering the length of my legs. Pair it with a head wrap like this one from Urban Outfitters to add some color and flair to your look. Head wraps are cool, and will keep your hair from sticking to you while you work up a sweat getting down to the beat in tha’ club. A necklace like this one from Anthropologie compliments the head wrap color and creates a cohesion in your accessories and your entire outfit.